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The Detective Story

A shower and a second breakfast...

...made me feel a little less like the box of shavings the cat had her kittens in. I went up to the office and unlocked the door, sniffed in the twice-breathed air and the smell of dust.

I opened the window and inhaled the fry cook smell from the coffee shop next door. I sat down at my desk and felt the grit on it with my fingertips. I lit a smoke, leaned back and looked around.

"How's the new campaign?" - It was Tiny, the kid from accounts.

"Why don't you ask the trash can?"

Have you
seen this?

She threw a screwed up copy of a magazine. It landed with a thump on the desk. "There, where I've marked in red" I could see the ad - 'The Detective Agency'.

"Why don't you give 'em a call?

You got nothing to lose"...

And that's how it all started...

The campaign was successful and the new brochures are going down a storm. The website is a hit and a new mailshot goes out today. My telephone hasn't stopped to take a breath and sleep is no longer a problem.

I have worries - who doesn't?

My main one is how to fit the new 'up and over' door to the garage I've just built.

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